The International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 be amended or replaced.

 The Ministry of Environment and Forests invites comments on the Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011. This legislation, which will replace the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, will provide for enhanced penalties and clearer definitions of animal abuse. Comments on the same can be sent to by the 20th of March 2011.
You please comments here on the following draft :

Read Draft Act | Preamble

These rules are still pending before Indian Law Ministry :
Draft Dog Breeding Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry approval) | Draft Pet Shop Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry approval)
To: Hon'ble Shri Hamid Ansari (Vice President of India), Hon;ble Sardar Manmohan Sngh (Prime Minister of India), HE Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil (President of India, New Delhi), Hon'ble Shri Jairam Ramesh (Minister for Environment and Forest), Hon'ble Speaker Lok Sabha, Maj. Gen. R. M. Khareb (Chairman, AWBI), OIPA in India, and Animal Welfare
Subject: Replace the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 with strong legislation - Sukanya Kadyan

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The Ministry of Environment and Forests invites comments on the Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011. This legislation, which will replace the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, will provide for enhanced penalties and clearer definitions of animal abuse. Kudos to founder Chairman of PFA Haryana Shri Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India for his continuous tireless efforts towards this right directions.
My comments are :
* Whole Legislation should be cognizable and non-bailable in legal terms, where as still offenses under this Acts are bailable.
* No exemption and relaxation for any religion to abuse, kill and sacrifice the animals.
* Punishments be strong and effective.
* All living creatures other than human beings be protected under this legislation.
* Foreign and Exotic species needs attention, Emu, Quails breeding also needs rules and regulations.
* Army, Police and para military forces, Zoo animals also needs attention, care and rehabilitation. These animals also covered under this law, no exemptions be given.
* Experimentation on animals be banned, alternatives be promoted.
* Entertainment, performance, joy rides etc. from animals also be banned.
* Cruel animal transportation be looked into, local recognised SPCA / AWO also be prosecuted for any lapses.
* Live stock definition be looked into.
* Slaughter houses be shut down.
* Vegetarianism be promoted.
* AWBI be empowered to issue directions not advisory to the field functionaries and it should be mandatory for all concerned to abide these directions in the interest of animal welfare.
* Elephants and Camels should be kept in their natural habitat and their shifting in trucks be banned and these animals be included in the rules travel by foot, in past these animals were ignored, where as Naresh Kadyan brought this points in the notice of then Union Minister concerned.
* Community pets - stray dogs also needs attention, their population shall be controlled by adopting spay and neuter.
* SPCA's / Infirmaries / Shelters / Ambulances also needs attention and it should be mandatory.
* Police powers be given to all recognized bodies and Special courts be set up for speedy trials.
* Dog breeders, pet shops and fish aquarium also needs attention, concerned rules be implemented.
* AWBI be given more funds, staff and special court powers should be given to the AWBI / their recognized bodies.
* Fake, ineffective bodies be shut down and it should be mandatory for AWBI nominee to take active part in the recognized AWO's affairs.
* Copted members also needs attention, as there are no certain guidelines to copt, no pick and choose, every recognized AWO's be given chance for active participation.
* Films screening committee members be chosen clockwise amongst the recognized AWO's.
* Master Trainer, Trainers, Hon. AWO's be treated on duty and their performance be checked quarterly along with AWBI non officials members : tainted and nonactive be dropped.
* Award and punishment policy be introduced.
* People should not be allowed in AWBI for two consecutive terms as AWBI member / Chairman or Vice Chairman.
* Dogs have basic rights to bark and it should be protected, animal rights needs to be defined and recognized.
* Animal bet be banned as some people tie animal to attract Wild animals.
* Promote methods to minimize stress, pain and injuries to animals.
* Funds received by NGO's from Foreign countries to serve animals in India under FCRA be controlled by the AWBI, NGO's performances should be assessed by AWBI regularly as well.
* AWBI Head quarter be shifted from Chennai to National Institute of Animal Welfare - NIAW premises in National Capital Region - NCR for better coordination between AWBI, AWD and others.
* Degree course on Animal Welfare be introduced and NIAW be set up as Deemed University, field practical training should be preferred along with theoretical.
* Proof of burden be continue on accused not on prosecution.
* Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI be replaced by a " National Commission on Animal Welfare "

All these following legislation's and rules be amended :

Animal Welfare
The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was enacted in 1960 to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on animals and to amend the laws relating to the prevention of cruelty to animals. After the enactment of this Act, the Animal Board of India was formed for the promotion of animal welfare.
No.59 of 1960 - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
S.O. 1995 (E) [27/07/2010] - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Amendment Rules 2010.
S.O.714(E), [26/03/2010] - Animal Birth Control(Dogs) Rules, 2009.
S.O.1818(E), [23/10/2006] - Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision )Amendment Rules, 2006.
S.O.1817(E), [19/10/2006] - Reconstitution of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals(CPCSEA).
S.O.42(E), [14/01/2006] - Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision )Amendment Rules, 2005.
S.O.1256(E), [24/12/2001] - The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001.
S.O.267(E), [26/3/2001] - The Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2001.
S.O.35(E), [8/1/2002] - The Performing Animals (Registration) Amendment Rules, 2001.
S.O.271(E), [26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Establishment and Regulation of Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Rules, 2001.
S.O.270(E), [26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Slaughter House) Rules, 2001.
S.O.268(E), [26/3/2001] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Transport of Animals on Foot) Rules, 2001.
S.O.134(E), [15/2/2001] - The Breeding of and Experiments on animals (Control and Supervision) Amendment Rules, 2001.
S.O.1074, [15/12/1998] - The Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998.
S.O.732(E), [26/8/1998] - The Experiments on Animals (controls and Supervision) (Amendment) Rules, 1998.
S.O.No.1056, [13/3/1979] - The Prevention of Cruelty (Capture of Animals) Rules, 1972.
No.14-20/76-LD.I, [30/11/1978] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Registration of Cattle Premises) Rules, 1978.
No. 18-6/70-LDI, [23/3/1978] - The Transport of Animals Rules, 1978 .
S.O.269(E), [26/3/2001] - The Transport of Animals (Amendment) Rules, 2001.
No.14-21/76-LD.I, [15/2/1978] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Application of Fines) Rules, 1978.
No.35-4/72-LD.I, [22/5/1973] - The Performing Animals Rules, 1973.
No.9-18/62-LD, [23/3/1965] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Licensing of Farriers) Rules, 1965.
No.9-18/68-LD, [23/3/1965] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965, amended 1968.
G.S.R.619(E), [14/10/1998] - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Restricted to Exhibit on Trained as a Performing Animals).
Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up, UN affiliated the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA chapter in India along with People for Animals ( PFA ) Haryana appreciated Shri Jairam Ramesh efforts and he did a lot for animals to minimize their stress, pain and injury, Kudos to him, what a great work he did in a very short period and Maneka Gandhi did nothing, we demands Bharet Ratna for Shri Jairam Ramesh and Prani Mitra award from AWBI as OIPA in India announced same award for him.
Same request sent to Her Excellency the President of India by Naresh Kadyan bearing registration Number : PRSEC/E/2011/02593 dated 18-2-2011.
Draft Dog Breeding Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry approval) | Draft Pet Shop Rules (Awaiting Law Ministry approval) may kindly be expedited along with Draft Rules for Aquarium and Ban on Peacock feathers trade.

Signed By:

Name Location Date
Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India 02/17/2011
Cristina Seica Anadia, Portugal 02/17/2011
Allan Yorkowitz Colonia, NJ 02/17/2011
Naresh Kadyan Rep. OIPA in India Delhi, India 02/17/2011
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, IN 02/17/2011
Cindy Brower Chicago, IL 02/17/2011
Sukanya Kadyan Delhi, India 02/17/2011
lori weber johnson city, TN 02/17/2011
Carol Hupp JACKSONVILLE, FL 02/17/2011
Eileen McKay New York City, NY 02/17/2011
nancy sands brooklyn, NY 02/17/2011
Stewart Goodman Brisbane, Australia 02/17/2011
Isabelle Roeland Waterloo, Belgium 02/17/2011
jacquot provocateur amboise, France 02/17/2011
Tierney Grinavic Huntingtown, MD 02/17/2011
Samantha Wilson San Jose, CA 02/17/2011
Ken Martin Newtown, CT 02/17/2011
Craig M Ventura, CA 02/17/2011
Ewa Piasecka Warsaw, 02/17/2011
Laverne Wallace Charlotte, NC 02/17/2011
Rachael Pahl Lake Villa, IL 02/17/2011
suzanne billgert hamburg, NJ 02/17/2011
Ira Mak Jerusalem, Israel 02/17/2011
Paulette Finnegan Northlake, IL 02/17/2011
Tyler Bonn Mohnton, PA 02/17/2011
Deepak Rao Bangalore, India 02/17/2011
roseann stapff miami, FL 02/17/2011
Francisco Garcia Filho Santo Antônio do Jardim - S.P, Brazil 02/17/2011
miwako sekine phoenix, AZ 02/17/2011
Cristi Sturgill Mount Vernon, KY 02/17/2011
Michele Mercer Casa Grande, AZ 02/17/2011
Brittany Brower Montgomery, IL 02/17/2011
Jerilyn Capaccione Aliquippa, PA 02/17/2011
june bullied toronto, CA 02/17/2011
Victoria Molinari poulsbo, WA 02/17/2011
Madhumathy Sugavanam San Diego, CA 02/17/2011
vicki perry corvallis, OR 02/17/2011
Pepucho Lengualarga Key Biscayne, FL 02/17/2011
Jennifer Bates Chevy Chase, MD 02/17/2011
Brinda Davis McCleary, WA 02/17/2011
Cassandra Browning Salem, OR 02/17/2011
connor hocking annapolis, MD 02/17/2011
Leticia Frutos Asuncion, 02/17/2011
Patrick M. Donovan Brooklyn, NY 02/17/2011
Marina Asher Brooklyn, NY 02/17/2011
Stephanie Malara Carlsbad, NM 02/17/2011
Kim O'Connor N. Saanich, Canada 02/17/2011
Darlene Davis Detroit, MI 02/17/2011
Jen Dowdy Paducah, KY 02/17/2011
Nicole Weber Pasadena, MD 02/17/2011
SJ Champ Los Angeles, CA 02/17/2011
Holly Crawford perry hall, MD 02/17/2011
kathryn ehlers portland, OR 02/17/2011
Naresh Kadyan Secretary General Delhi, IN 02/17/2011
Kim Smith Auckland, New Zealand 02/17/2011
Elisabeth Bechmann St. Pölten, Austria 02/17/2011
Brenda W port colborne, CA 02/17/2011
Julie van Niekerk South Africa, SD 02/17/2011
Henrietta Smith Auckland, New Zealand 02/17/2011
Christianna Skoczek Kittery Point, ME 02/17/2011
William Smalley Bolingbrook, IL 02/17/2011
robin vanostrand london, Canada 02/17/2011
Wendy Forster Manchester, United Kingdom 02/17/2011
Maria F. Verona, Italy 02/18/2011
Paola Ghidotti Milano, Italy 02/18/2011
John Miller portland, OR 02/18/2011
Karine Michel Bruxelles, Belgium 02/18/2011
Kitty Autumn TB, United Kingdom 02/18/2011
Kristina Golemanova Gabrovo, Bulgaria 02/18/2011
carol crunkhorn New Zealand, FM 02/18/2011
Chantal Buslot Hasselt, AL 02/18/2011
sophia dalle nyc, NY 02/18/2011
nicolette ludolphi bremen, DE 02/18/2011
james m nordlund Fargo, ND 02/18/2011
Rose Shortland joys green, AL 02/18/2011
heidi wollum goteborg, Sweden 02/18/2011
Peggy Acosta Womelsdorf, PA 02/18/2011
Pia Mustonen Tampere, Finland 02/18/2011
isabel esteve igualada, Spain 02/18/2011
Agnes Jönsson Veberöd, Sweden 02/18/2011
Tony Menechella Frankfort, KY 02/18/2011
Judith Abel Basel, Switzerland 02/18/2011
carlee trent springfield, OH 02/18/2011
patricia m lasek barneveld, NY 02/18/2011
Jerry Mayeux Hattiesburg, MS 02/18/2011
Dearbhaile Ní Dhubhghaill Ireland, Ireland 02/18/2011
Jay'den Thome Miami, United States Minor Outlying Islands 02/18/2011
Bill Craig Kempten, Germany 02/18/2011
Grace Ng IPOH, 02/18/2011
Dawn Edwards chicago, IL 02/18/2011
elisabetta rossi savona, Italy 02/18/2011
Nadezhda Peneva Alicante, Spain 02/18/2011
Dorothy Scanlan Westminster, MD 02/18/2011
Kathleen Gates Painesville, OH 02/18/2011
Andrea Oefinger Newtown, CT 02/18/2011
Leslie Margini Cornwall, NY 02/18/2011
Klaudio Negric Rijeka, Croatia 02/18/2011
Ellen G Sussex, WI 02/18/2011
chris beal louth, TX 02/18/2011
carlos leon Aurora, IL 02/18/2011
Calliope Sk Rhodes Island, Greece 02/18/2011
Darren Mitton Decatur, GA 02/18/2011
Michael Willemsen Sauk Rapids, MN 02/18/2011
Pam Bonaventura Taormina, Italy 02/18/2011
Don Barth Mt. Laurel, NJ 02/18/2011
Nancy Roussy Ste-Florence, Canada 02/18/2011
Linda F. Alvarez Chicago, United States Minor Outlying Islands 02/18/2011
Oscar Murga Doral, FL 02/18/2011
Judith Meek Oak Lawn, IL 02/18/2011
CINDY COLLIER WAKEFIELD, United Kingdom 02/18/2011
Kanwarpal Turke Munster, IN 02/18/2011
Tammy Fleming Columbia, MO 02/18/2011
Laura Herndon Burbank, CA 02/18/2011
Tanwi Sandelwood Onbekend, NE 02/18/2011
Patrick Taylor San Francisco, CA 02/18/2011
Jan Garen Swansea, United Kingdom 02/18/2011
Carolina Sorrentino West Sussex, AL 02/18/2011
Jim Mock Medford, OR 02/18/2011
Mary Learn Niagara Falls,Ontario, Canada 02/18/2011
Maxi Mock Medford, OR 02/18/2011
Colleen Klaum Allentown, PA 02/18/2011
Ashley Hunsberger Philadelphia, PA 02/18/2011
Jason J Green Spotsylvania, VA 02/18/2011
Christiane Henker Cuxhaven, Germany 02/18/2011
Ellaine Lurie-Janicki West Haven, CT 02/18/2011
RC deWinter Middletown, CT 02/18/2011
Sunny Kim clifton, VA 02/18/2011
Carin Zellerman New york, NY 02/18/2011
Faye Godwin Hillsborough, NC 02/18/2011
lisa salazar Foster City, CA 02/18/2011
Karen and Edward Osgood Newman, CA 02/18/2011
Renate Thomee Limburg, Netherlands 02/18/2011
marleen geudens westerlo, Belgium 02/18/2011
Stephanie Feldstein Ypsilanti, MI 02/18/2011
Kathe Garbrick Manhattan, KS 02/18/2011
Kelly Bohl Cedar Park, TX 02/18/2011
Rosemarie Sardinas Herrera Willemstad, 02/18/2011
Vaska Damjanovska Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of 02/18/2011
J Colon Columbus, OH 02/18/2011
Paulina Hoppel Poznan, Poland 02/18/2011
Ingrid Price Grt Manchester, United Kingdom 02/18/2011
annie cowling DANBURY, CT 02/18/2011
Stephen Greene Ellerbe, NC 02/18/2011
Drahomíra Rudolská Nejdek, Czech Republic 02/18/2011
René Rudolský Nejdek, Czech Republic 02/18/2011
Cathy Greer Daytona Beach, FL 02/18/2011
Olja Kaludjerovic Kotor, WA 02/18/2011
Juan Carlos Suarez E. Pasto, Colombia 02/18/2011
David Tsosie Phx, AZ 02/18/2011
James Walker janesville, WI 02/18/2011
kristen davies Chicago, IL 02/18/2011
Shannon Bucci littleton, CO 02/18/2011
Morgan WEBER Wattrelos, NY 02/18/2011
sarah schellenger cincinnati, OH 02/18/2011
Elizabeth Lister Wichita, KS 02/18/2011
Bob Ramczyk Brown Deer, WI 02/18/2011
Sonya Sanford Big Lake, MN 02/18/2011
Prudence Kirwan Salem, MA 02/18/2011
Ginamarie Colorio Minneapolis, MN 02/18/2011
Keth Luke New Port Richey, FL 02/18/2011
Kim Taylor Hillsdale, MI 02/18/2011
Carrie Gleason Arizona City, AZ 02/18/2011
Leah Hammerschlag Brookville, NY 02/18/2011
Magdalena Mazurek Marco Island, FL 02/18/2011
Michelle Pimental Plymouth, MA 02/18/2011
cathala corine Pierrelatte, France 02/18/2011
lisa jeremic victoria, CA 02/18/2011
A Vogel London, United Kingdom 02/18/2011
laura raforth rochester, NY 02/18/2011
Simon Validzic Novi Zagreb, Croatia 02/18/2011
monica ghoodjani toronto, Canada 02/18/2011
Lori Kegler San Pedro, CA 02/18/2011
darius dirzinskas london, United Kingdom 02/19/2011
gerlinde palsingh vienna, WY 02/19/2011
val munchow Johannesburg, South Africa 02/19/2011
Henri De Decker Tisselt, NE 02/19/2011
Mackenna Carr Fayetteville, NC 02/19/2011
Elsie Au St. Louis, MO 02/19/2011
ramil rosales san fernando, Philippines 02/19/2011
Jessica Nyquist Colton, OR 02/19/2011
Barb Holznagel Bismarck, ND 02/19/2011
Dar Woo RDS, NC 02/19/2011
Yrna Miryana jakarta, Indonesia 02/19/2011
Colette Marshall Uckfield, United Kingdom 02/19/2011
Inge Lewis Conway, SC 02/19/2011
Isabella Rael Rio Vista, CA 02/19/2011
Leah Mae Macrohon Zamboanga, Philippines 02/19/2011
Amanda Jones Apex, NC 02/19/2011
Angie Starling Hickory, NC 02/19/2011
Thomas E. Chadwick Gastonia, NC 02/19/2011
Angel Warrior Jersey, United Kingdom 02/19/2011
Carol Leuenberger San Carlos, CA 02/19/2011
Leslie Baker Fort Worth, TX 02/19/2011
Robert Scott Wolfe Cranston, RI 02/19/2011
Diana Elder covina, CA 02/19/2011
Alicia Guevara Buenos Aires, Argentina 02/19/2011
Alexandra Kosmides Henderson, NV 02/19/2011
Hannah H. Happy, TX 02/19/2011
Kay HelpSaveAnimals Sax., Germany 02/19/2011
sauwah tsang las vegas, NV 02/19/2011
Ann Cawley Saint Joseph, MO 02/19/2011
J L Sheffield Panther Creek, TX 02/19/2011
Anneke Hut Amersfoort, Netherlands 02/19/2011
Mary Ann Clark Weatogue, CT 02/19/2011
norma laborie SAINT OUEN, France 02/19/2011
Caleb Laieski Phoenix, AZ 02/19/2011
Rochat Sylvie La Sarraz, Switzerland 02/19/2011
peter kikic oshawa, Canada 02/19/2011
ines vasquez caracas, Venezuela 02/19/2011
Patrizia Scally Houston, TX 02/19/2011
Rachel Mangan North Olmsted, OH 02/19/2011
Melissa McCage Phoenix, AZ 02/19/2011
Cyndi Mears Chicago, IL 02/19/2011
Vic Karimov Crystal Lake, IL 02/19/2011
alcaras carine france, FL 02/19/2011
Carol Ripley Hertford, United Kingdom 02/19/2011
Tulula Fanjoy Casa Grande, AZ 02/19/2011
Fenia Yfandi Athens, Greece 02/19/2011
Lyn Stone Moravia, NY 02/19/2011
Mary Truelove Martinsville, IN 02/19/2011
Elisabeth Kelly Washington, DC 02/19/2011
vinnie montez Baraboo, WI 02/19/2011
Pam Johnson Lake Village, IN 02/19/2011
Chelsea Madison Oakand, CA 02/19/2011
Annika Pettersson Boden, NY 02/19/2011
Michelle Sibinovic Temple City, CA 02/19/2011
Yasiu Kruszynski Chicago, IL 02/19/2011
Tom Maxwell Los Angeles, CA 02/20/2011
Mia Huolman Vaasa, Finland 02/20/2011
Priya Gundanna Bangalore, India 02/20/2011
Sara Vardanyan Los Angeles, CA 02/20/2011
Penni Norman Des Moines, IA 02/20/2011
Kelly Johnson Bangalore, India 02/20/2011
Jason Harrison Aurora, CO 02/20/2011
Iris Hochstätter Erlenbach ZH, Switzerland 02/20/2011
Julie Cavalca Newark, DE 02/20/2011
Claudija Valenti Melbourne, Australia 02/20/2011
Marleen Paulus Hoegaarden, VI 02/20/2011
Diana Ferreira Paços de Ferreira, Portugal 02/20/2011
Pamylle Greinke Peconic, NY 02/20/2011
Mary Foley cork, Ireland 02/20/2011
Laurie Brewer Barberton, OH 02/20/2011
suhela kapoor manesar, India 02/20/2011
Abhishek neeraj Hyderabad, India 02/20/2011
Mary Devlin Kent, WA 02/20/2011
Srimann Rakshit Trivandrum, India 02/20/2011
Rachael Pahl Lake Villa, IL 02/20/2011
Vanditta Diwakar Suva, HI 02/20/2011
marie rydbom stockholm, Sweden 02/20/2011
Bobbie Murray Raleigh, NC 02/20/2011
Megan schmader brookville, PA 02/20/2011
Jelica Roland Buzet, Croatia 02/20/2011
Melissa Wise Fort Worth, TX 02/20/2011
michele b burleigh, NJ 02/20/2011
dayton barnes ft. walton, GA 02/20/2011
Levin Manabat Portland, OR 02/20/2011
Christina Williams North Hollywood, CA 02/20/2011
Pan Jin Yi Sandakan, Malaysia 02/20/2011
Stephen Guo SZ, AL 02/20/2011
nicole l las vegas, NV 02/21/2011
Pam Fioretti Adelaide, Australia 02/21/2011
Adam Ostler Adelaide, Australia 02/21/2011
Theodore Spachidakis piraeus, Greece 02/21/2011
Kate Kenner Jamaica Plain, MA 02/21/2011
Melissa Buchanan San Pedro, CA 02/21/2011
nita smith newquay, WA 02/21/2011
Charlotte Beard Cookeville, TN 02/21/2011
Madhumay Mallik Bhubaneshwar, India 02/21/2011
Krasimira Buyuklieva-Darzeva Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 02/21/2011
Karolina Lisewska New York, NY 02/21/2011
Julie B England, United Kingdom 02/21/2011
Buffy Fischer Stuttgart, NY 02/21/2011
Jennifer Luffman Hollywood, FL 02/21/2011
person christel aix en provence, AL 02/21/2011
Mervi Rantala Tampere, Finland 02/21/2011
Eva Fidjeland Orrefors, Sweden 02/21/2011
leslie smith san marcos, TX 02/21/2011
Mary Zimmerman Capitola, CA 02/21/2011
Bryan D. Freehling Lahaska, PA 02/21/2011
kathleen wissenz warminster, PA 02/21/2011
ana maria molina zarzalejo, Spain 02/21/2011
Scott Giles Sacramento, CA 02/21/2011
nita cohen pensacola, FL 02/21/2011
Alexander Dean Athens, Greece 02/21/2011
Susan Sinotte Kelowna, BC, Canada 02/21/2011
Henriette Matthijssen Boyle, Alberta,, Canada 02/22/2011
Michael Scally Houston, TX 02/22/2011
Scott, Beth and Vicky Our Family Stratford, Canada 02/22/2011
Christopher Gagliardi Englewood, NJ 02/22/2011
Meher Toorkey London, United Kingdom 02/22/2011
Andreia Capelo Funchal, Portugal 02/22/2011
Kathleen Basiewicz Dana, NC 02/22/2011
Marcy M Sandia Park, NM 02/22/2011
Yolanda D........... Tisselt, Netherlands 02/22/2011
Kathlene O'Loughlin Brooklyn, NY 02/22/2011
Mayra Lewis-Garcia Compton, CA 02/22/2011
Ruth Stefano San Jose, CA 02/22/2011
Roswitha von Heissen Tutzing, Germany 02/23/2011
George Martin Loule, Portugal 02/23/2011
Christine Walker Buffalo, NY 02/23/2011
Taryn D Campbellville, Canada 02/23/2011
Alison Sperry Bracknell, United Kingdom 02/23/2011
rinki banerji mumbai, India 02/23/2011
Elisabeth Emma Lehner Wels, Austria 02/23/2011
John Richard Young Norristown, PA 02/23/2011
Veronica Hayes Ferndale, MI 02/23/2011
Christy Hill Oshawa, Canada 02/23/2011
KD Haferkamp Garland, TX 02/23/2011
Giulia Togliatto Adelaide, Australia 02/23/2011
Yannis Karaouzas Athens, Greece 02/24/2011
Kristy Mitchell Stephenville, TX 02/24/2011
Eureka Morrison Western Cape South Africa, South Africa 02/24/2011
Julie Goldman Chesterfield, MO 02/24/2011
Leverett Spinac New York, NY 02/24/2011
Jennifer Shupe Rochester, MN 02/24/2011
Isabel Barros San Fernando, Argentina 02/24/2011
kendra Pinder Staffordshire, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
Sandra Hudson-Knapp Poultney, VT 02/24/2011
Mary-Ellen Brown Joplin, MO 02/24/2011
Maria Rosmini Wagontown, PA 02/24/2011
sebastien vigne albi, France 02/24/2011
Nancy Clark Selby, Canada 02/24/2011
angie chapman loughborough, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
ashley schiano cranston, RI 02/24/2011
richard collins maynard, MA 02/24/2011
Renée Colquette Riverside, CA 02/24/2011
Susan Holmes Wales, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
Mallory Clouspy Athens, GA 02/24/2011
ivonne carlson Bonita Springs, FL 02/24/2011
valérie DISLE SAINT LEU LA FORET, France 02/24/2011
Sal Passarella Hackensack, NJ 02/24/2011
vanne hanisch-godoy victoria, AK 02/24/2011
Ilea Diaz bayamon, PR 02/24/2011
amy Nutter new philadelphia, OH 02/24/2011
Vlado Gasperov Rijeka, Croatia 02/24/2011
Edward Laurson Denver, CO 02/24/2011
GINA PARISI Staten Island, NY 02/24/2011
Bruce Combs Williamsburg, VA 02/24/2011
Cheryl Salvati Shoreline, 02/24/2011
Bev Brewis Victoria, Canada 02/25/2011
linda brockett airdrie, UT 02/25/2011
Jennifer McBeth Uniontown, PA 02/25/2011
Sioux D. Adelaide, Australia 02/26/2011
Sandra Seiça Aveiro, Portugal 02/26/2011
pete giacca warminster, PA 02/26/2011
Helen Beasley Bowling Green, KY 02/26/2011
marilyn miller la mesa, CA 02/26/2011
Nancy Myrick Scroggins, TX 02/26/2011
Jo-Ann Harris Laval, Canada 02/26/2011

Naresh Kadyan,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India, Chairman, People for Animals Haryana,

पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता निवारणःनियम अधिनियम और सूचनाएँ

नरेश कादयान, अध्यक्ष,पीपल्स फॉर एनिमल हरियाणा,
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Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 : Please comments - Kadyan image