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Only Performing Monkeys left unattended, Why? - Naresh Kadyan

Posted by Naresh Kadyan on January 24, 2010 at 1:26 AM

Petition for dancing Monkey's in India :-




New Delhi, the 14th October, 1998

G.S.R. 619(E).Whereas the High Court of Delhi in C.W.P No. 890/91 by its order dated21st August, 1997 directed that "the Central Government may take up thenotification dated 2-3-1991 for consideration afresh" and "take intoconsideration such material as may be available with it or it maychoose to collect through any of the authentic agencies or such otheragency or committee of experts as it may choose to appoint";

Whereasin pursuance of the order of the Honble High Court of Delhi, theCentral Government constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship ofAdditional Inspector General of Forests (Wildlife) to have a fresh toolat the notification G S P No.252 dated 2-3-1991 in the light of theadditional material available with any authenticated agencies suchother agency persons;

Whereas the said Committee submitted its report to the Central Government;

Whereas the Central Government has taken into consideration the report of the said Committee;

Now,therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 22 of thePrevention of Cruelty of Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960), and insupersession of the Notification of the Government of India in theerstwhile Ministry of Environment and Forests G.S.R. No. 252 dated2-3-1991 and G.S.R. No. 485 dated 7-8-1991, except as respects thingsdone or omitted to be done before such supersession, the CentralGovernment hereby specifies that the following animals shall not beexhibited on trained as a performing animals, with effect from the dateof publication of this notification, namely

1.Bears 2. Monkeys 3. Tigers

4.Panthers 5. Lions

[File No. 9-9/97-A.W.]

Dr. M.S. AHMED, Jt. Secy.

Five wild species lion, tiger, panther, bear and monkey's were banned in India vide Notification dated 14-10-1998. ThePeople for Animals Haryana founder chairman introduced a scheme forrehabilitation of performing bear along with Kalandars and startsnatching performing monkeys and bear from illegal captivity, manycircus and Kalanders were raided by Naresh Kadyan alone. RashtriyaKalander Samaj Kalyan Panchyat was constituted and registered under hischairmanship, Smt. Maneka Gandhi was the chief patron and Smt. GeetaSeshmani amongst members along with leading people from Kalandercommunity, another group moved a public interest litigation in theDelhi High Court and Naresh Kadyan was placed as a respondent No. 5,this PIL was dismissed by the court.

Tiger, Lions, Panther and Bearare now rescued but Monkey is still left unattended to perform on roadsand streets, the International Organisation for Animal Protection -OIPA in India along with the PFA Haryana again moved a campaign torescue and release dancing Monkey during Animal Welfare Fortnight, 2010.Where as a RTI petition was moved before Speaker, Lok Sabha about thestatus of these banned animals which was replied half backed by theAnimal Welfare Division.

Letus shake hands again to rescue these banned performing monkeys and PFAHaryana ready to keep them for treatment, care and shelter.

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