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STOP cruel camel transportation by BSF for Republic day - Sukanya Kadyan




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To: DIRECTOR GENERAL BORDER SECURITY FORCE (SHRI RAMAN SRIVASTAVA,IPS), Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances) (Shri K.C. Jain), Union Minister for Environment and Forest (Hon'ble Shri Jairam Ramesh), Director General of Police, Haryana (Sh. R. S. Dalal, IPS), Secretary to the Ministry of Environment and Forest (Shri Vijai Sharma), Animal Welfare Division (Dr. Anjani Kumar), Delhi Police Commissioner (Shri B.K. Gupta, IPS), Chief Justice of India (Hon'ble S.H.Kapadia), The President of India, New Delhi (Her Excellency Pratibha Devi Singh Patil), Rajasthan Frontier, MANDORE ROAD, JODHPUR(RAJASTHAN) (SHRI K L MEENA, IPS, IG,), Chairman, AWBI (Dr.Rammehar Kharb), Prime Minister of India (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Singh), DGP Rajasthan (Shri H.C. Meena, IPS), Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (Shri R.C. Misra, Secretary), SHQ BSF, Bikaner,. Sagar Road Bikaner,. Rajasthan -334001 (Shri K.S. Rathore. DIG), Speaker Lok Sabha (Smt. Meira Kumar), The Chief Minister (Smt. Sheila Dikshit), RAJASTHAN HIGH COURT - JODHPUR (The Chief Justice), Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly (Sh. Deependra Singh Shekhawat), The High Court of Delhi (Hon'ble The Chief Justice Dipak Misra), and Animal Welfare
Subject: STOP cruel camel transportation by BSF for Republic day from Bikaner - Jodhpur to Delhi
Letter: Greetings, ,

The Camel Brigade's Canter

* The 800-strong contingent of BSF camels which patrols the 1,400 km Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan and Gujarat is trained to dodge bullets, transport rations, carry light artillery, rescue wounded men
* Camel-training is tough; the animals are very moody, have short memories, and quickly forget their training unless it's constantly reinforced, then why camel abuse during shifting in cruel manner?
* BSF camels retire after 15 years service, and are sold at auctions.
* The BSF has three breeds of camels-the racing Bikaneri, the tough Jaisalmeri, and the graceful, pedigreed Nachna, which is great for ceremonial occasions

Camels of BSF are shifted in a very cruel manner, tied and over crowded siting position from Jodhpur to Delhi in a ordinary trucks, camels are traveling under very heavy stress, pain, thrust and injury to take part in the Republic day of India. OIPA in India team shocked to see truck No. RJ 19 G 8544 and 8191 along with one more truck today on 28-10-2010 on Jaipur Delhi NH. Local Gurgaon Police, Khedki Daula was called for legal action for the violation of section 3, 11, 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and Cattle transport rule, 1978 amended in 2001 but local Police failed to stop animal abuse, officials traveled along with these vehicles were fully toon, under effect of liquor and their behave was unsocial, uncivilized as well.

3. Duties of persons having charge of animals : It shall be the duty of every person having the care or charge of any animal to take all reasonable measures to ensure the well-being of such animal and to prevent the infliction upon such animal of unnecessary pain or suffering.

11. Treating animals cruelly : (1) If any person

(a) beats, kicks, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures or otherwise treats any animal so as to subject it to unnecessary pain or suffering or causes, or being the owner permits, any animal to be so treated;
(d) conveys or carries, whether in or upon any vehicle or not, any animal in such a manner or position as to subject it to unnecessary pain or suffering;
(e) keeps or confines any animal in any -cage or other receptacle which does not measure sufficiently in height, length and breadth to permit the animal a reasonable opportunity for movement; or

f) keeps for an unreasonable time any animal chained or tethered upon an unreasonably short or unreasonably heavy chain or cord;
(k) offers for sale or without reasonable cause, has in his possession any animal which is suffering pain by reason of mutilation, starvation, thirst, overcrowding or other ill treatment;
38. Power to make rules : (1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette and subject to the condition of previous publication, make rules to carry out the purposes of this Act. ..............
S.O.269 (E) - Whereas certain draft rules further to amend the Transport of Animals Rules, 1978 were published as required by sub-section (1) of section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960) under the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment number S.O. 1164 (E) dated 26th December 2000 in the Gazette of India. Extraordinary, Part 11, Section 3. Sub Section (ii) dated the 27th December, 2000 inviting objections and suggestions from all persons likely to be affected thereby, before the expiry of the period of sixty days from the date on which copies of the Gazette containing the said notification are made available to the public
96. Issue of certificate before transportation -

(1) A valid certificate issued by an officer or any person or Animal Welfare Organisation duly recognised and authorised for this purpose by the Animal Welfare Board of India or the Central Government shall be procured by any person making transport of any animal before transportation of such animal verifying that all the relevant Central and State Acts, rules and orders pertaining to the said animals including the rules relating to transport of such animals have been duly complied with and that the animal is not being transported for any purpose contrary to the provision of any law.

(2) In the absence of such certificate, the carrier shall refuse to accept the consignment for transport.

S.O. 267 (E). - Whereas the draft Performing Animals (Registration) Rules, 2000 were published, as required by sub-section (1) of section 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960), under the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment number S.O. 1162 (E) dated the 26th December 2000 in the Gazette of India. Extraordinary, Part 11, Section 3, Sub Section (ii) dated the 27 th December, 2000 inviting objections and suggestions from all persons likely to be affected thereby, before the expiry of the period of sixty days from the date on which copies of the Gazette containing the said notification are made available to the public;

(h) "performing animal" means an animal which is used at or for the purpose of any entertainment including a film or an equine event to which the public are admitted

Hence you all are humbly requested to stop camel abuse at once and strict legal, departmental action may kindly be taken against all offenders, including Police officials of Khedki Daula Police Post / SHO as well, who failed to perform their official duty and all three vehicles - trucks were allowed to move for BSF, Chavla camp in Delhi because Indian representative of the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India called Gurgaon Police at toll tax barrier / handed over to them all three trucks for legal actions and then informed Delhi Police helpline 100 vide recks 15-35 hours on 28-10-2010, it is presumed that this kind of camel abuse again will be repeated after Republic day parade and many more camels yet to be shifted from Jodhpur to Delhi in a similar cruel manner.

We further appeal to the Govt. to amend the concerned legislation for animals and delegate Police power / authority to Naresh Kadyan as per provisions under law of the land to protect animals from unnecessary pain and sufferings.

OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection, is an International Confederation of associations for the animal protection and for the defence of animal rights all over the world.
OIPA was founded in 1981 by Milly Shär Manzoli and belongs to the Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.
OIPA is a Non Governmental Organization affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information since 1992 ready to provide training on animal related laws to all officials of any enforcement agencies in India. On 29th October, 2010 IG of BSF Shri A. K. Sarolia, IPS agreed to be more sensitive and kind towards Camels, Where as Commandant Shri Sardari Lal tried to justify camel transportation and Animal Welfare Board of India failed to issue notice to BSF, why?, where as AWBI have right to issue pre transport permit as per section 96 of the Cattle transport rule, 1978 amended in 2001. It is presumed that IPS officers might be knowing all legal provisions for animal rights and their welfare.
The International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA in India issued RTI petition through its Indian representative Naresh Kadyan as under :
It is confirmed that BSF shifting camels from Jodhpur to Delhi in ordinary trucks and these camels are traveling under very heavy stress, pain and injury since long to take part in Republic day parade every year, hence following information required under RT| Act, 2005 :

1. Do you know that shifting camels in such way is a crime as per section 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960?
2. Cruel camel transportation like this in ordinary trucks are being taken place since long by the BSF, May I know that how many camels BSF have shifted till date from beginning and how many trucks used to do so along with amounts incurred on it?
3. How many camels are loaded in each trucks and who gave permission to do so?
3. Do you feel that camels feel comfortable during their shifting like this in tied position for long time journey?
4. BSF officials could take food, water and rest during their journey from Jodhpur to Delhi and back in same way but camels were not offered to do so, Why and who is responsible for it?
5. Do you know that pre transport permit is required from the Animal Welfare Board of India as per section 96 of the Cattle transport rule. 1978 amended in 2001, have BSF obtained required permit from AWBI, if yes then supply the copy of the same, if no then Why?
6. The Commissioner of Delhi Police along with DGP of Rajasthan and Haryana Police are requested to direct all concerned SHO's to lodge an FIR against offenders because this is an criminal conspiracy against camels 120-B, 3, 11 and 38 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
7. Is there any breeding centers for camels with in BSF and all performing camels are registered with AWBI or not?. Is it true that camels are being auctioned by the BSF, when animal became useless to them?
As many as 40 camels are yet to be shifted from Bikaner to Delhi in coming days.
60 camels are being shifted as per details given below :
On 26-10- 2010.............18 camels in 6 private vehicles,
28-10-2010..............24 camels,
30-10-2010..............18 camels.
Traveling period from Jodhpur to Delhi is 18-24 hours and no water, food and rest for them, neck and foot both were tied with ropes during shifting, animal back kept towards truck engine side, how cruel it is?, these camels will go back during February, 2011. Border patrolling is justified but it is not fair and justified and why camels are the part of a parade, BSF such a big organization can keep required numbers of animals here in Delhi itself, to avoid camel abuse during shifting in trucks.
SHO, Chhawala, Delhi - 110071 is here by requested to lodge an FIR against Commandant of 25th Battalion BSF at Chhawala along with others for the violation of section 3, 11 and 38 of PCA Act, 1960 read with 120-B IPC and DP Act, 1978.
The required fee will be deposited cash in your office on working day.

Naresh Kadyan,
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection
- OIPA in India,
C-38, Rose Apartment, sector- 14, Prashant Vihar, Rohini,
DELHI - 110085.

Registration no. DRGPO/E/2010/00044 On 29-10-2010,
CMO/PGC/2010/538456 and CMO/PGC/2010/538475
DARPG/E/2010/05454, Grievance has been registered vide Registration number PRSEC/E/2010/17119 dated 6-11-2010 and complaint against Commandant, 25th BN, BSF has been lodged vide DD No. 37-B with Police Station, Chhawala, Delhi - 110071 on 6-11-2010 by Naresh Kadyan, legal notice also dispatched for legal action against all offenders.

Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) is requested to place a bill on the floor of the House to include Camel and Elephant in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Transport of Animals on Foot) Rules, 2001 along with amendment in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, offenses under this Act shall be cognizable, non bailable as well, where as she failed to do anything.

Ld. Speaker, Rajasthan Assembly is here by humbly requested to place a bill to amend the present legislation and to introduce new strong rules, being an animal as a State subject.

Ld. Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court, New Delhi / Ld. The Chief Justice, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur Bench and Ld. The Chief Justice of Delhi High Court are requested to treat this mail as public interest litigation - PIL to protect the camels from unnecessary pain and sufferings, BSF may kindly be directed to stop 40 camels transportation in cruel manner in trucks from Bikaner to Delhi at once and 60 camels already reached in Delhi also be looked in to while sending them back to Jodhpur. It is further humbly submitted that appropriate orders may kindly be passed about the rehabilitation of all retiring camels, as per present practice useless / surplus camels are being auctioned and there may be a possibility - opportunity for butchers, It would be pertinent to mention here that the population of camels are decreasing day by day due to slaughtering. If BSF needs camels to be a part of their parade every year then permanent camel base camp in New Delhi should be introduced, otherwise no way to minimize animal abuse except camel traveling on foot from one place to another in a human way. - Naresh Kadyan.
Replace existing toothless legislation for animals with Animal Welfare Act, 2011 : No exemption, double standard amongst domestic, wild, marine, birds, exotic and force animals - OIPA in India / PFA Haryana : Abhishek and Sukanya Kadyan.

Signed By:

Name Location Date
Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India 10/28/2010
nicolette ludolphi bremen, DE 10/28/2010
Naresh Kadyan Rep. OIPA in India Delhi, India 10/28/2010
Paola Ghidotti Milano, Italy 10/28/2010
Darlene Davis Detroit, MI 10/28/2010
Sanja Tamarut Rijeka, Croatia 10/28/2010
Diana Ferreira Paços de Ferreira, Portugal 10/28/2010
AnimalSpirit Diana Martz Shelbyville, IN 10/28/2010
Caleb Laieski Phoenix, AZ 10/28/2010
Kathleen Gates Painesville, OH 10/28/2010
Annika Pettersson Boden, NY 10/28/2010
Kim Smith Auckland, New Zealand 10/28/2010
Jenny storaker St Ives, AL 10/28/2010
Thorsten Kassebeer Eime, Germany 10/28/2010
Cher Clarke London, Canada 10/28/2010
Carol Hupp JACKSONVILLE, FL 10/28/2010
Paige Harrison, R.N. New York, NY 10/28/2010
M G MASTIC BEACH, NY 10/28/2010
Mervi Rantala Tampere, Finland 10/28/2010
Colleen Klaum Allentown, PA 10/28/2010
ANN LAFAVE Bloomfield,Ont., CA 10/28/2010
Eileen Perahia port washingotn, NY 10/28/2010
Ewa Piasecka Warsaw, 10/28/2010
Dianne Harrop Omaha, NE 10/28/2010
annie cowling DANBURY, CT 10/28/2010
Eleni Michaels Sydney, Australia 10/28/2010
Cristi Sturgill Mount Vernon, KY 10/28/2010
Faith Campbell Ontario, Canada 10/28/2010
Mary Alexander Glen Allen, VA 10/28/2010
dian wright garland, TX 10/28/2010
Leticia Frutos Santa Cruz, CA 10/28/2010
Echo G. Ashland, OH 10/28/2010
carole hagen warrenton, OR 10/28/2010
James Walker janesville, WI 10/28/2010
Stacy Stjern Windsor, CA 10/28/2010
marilyn miller la mesa, CA 10/28/2010
Peggy Acosta Womelsdorf, PA 10/28/2010
Michelle Pimental Plymouth, MA 10/28/2010
Lyne Forget Montreal, Canada 10/28/2010
Brenda W port colborne, CA 10/28/2010
Leslie Fox Bedford, NH 10/28/2010
Dar Woo RDS, NC 10/28/2010
Wendy Forster Manchester, United Kingdom 10/28/2010
christine harbo berkeley, CA 10/28/2010
Andy Lynn Oefinger Newtown, CT 10/28/2010
Carin Zellerman New york, NY 10/29/2010
Kunal Ashar Cupertino, CA 10/29/2010
Fenia Yfandi Athens, Greece 10/29/2010
marie josé daspique faugéres, France 10/29/2010
Panagiotis Rigopoulos Patra, 10/29/2010
val munchow Johannesburg, South Africa 10/29/2010
jennifer chin menifee, CA 10/29/2010
Stephen Greene Ellerbe, NC 10/29/2010
Lilo Prinz Au/ZH, AL 10/29/2010
George Martin Loule, Portugal 10/29/2010
Sonia Rowland Wiesbaden, GA 10/29/2010
loriii hernandez mexico, NM 10/29/2010
Véronique Lajoinie St-Maur, IL 10/29/2010
Bev Brewis Victoria, Canada 10/29/2010
mike feenaughty york, SC 10/29/2010
mimmi philips lanaken, Belgium 10/29/2010
Ira Mak Jerusalem, Israel 10/29/2010
marleen geudens westerlo, Belgium 10/29/2010
giane sales Recife, Brazil 10/29/2010
heidi wollum goteborg, Sweden 10/29/2010
Arild Warud Ericeira, CA 10/29/2010
Ángel Marina Palma de Mallorca, Spain 10/29/2010
*C* . Mosheim, TN 10/29/2010
norma laborie SAINT OUEN, France 10/29/2010
Maria Estrada G. Tokyo- japan, CT 10/29/2010
Julie van Niekerk South Africa, SD 10/29/2010
Mary Foley cork, Ireland 10/29/2010
gerlinde palsingh vienna, WY 10/29/2010
Lena Rehberger Grebenhain, Germany 10/29/2010
Nadezhda Peneva Alicante, Spain 10/29/2010
carol crunkhorn New Zealand, FM 10/29/2010
Sunny Kim clifton, VA 10/29/2010
Bryan D. Freehling Lahaska, PA 10/29/2010
Beverly Flint Turlock, CA 10/29/2010
Paul Sant-Filh New York, NY 10/29/2010
Brenda Mlinaric Jacksonville, FL 10/29/2010
Jill Vickerman Yzerfontein, TX 10/29/2010
Michela Messineo Roma, Italy 10/29/2010
Corinna Leschber Berlin, NY 10/29/2010
Maria F. Verona, Italy 10/29/2010
Muhammad Islam Jamaica, NY 10/29/2010
J E Ottawa, Canada 10/29/2010
cathala corine Pierrelatte, France 10/29/2010
Theresa Vaccaro Plainfield, NJ 10/29/2010
Kathy Koloze Dallas, TX 10/29/2010
Carl Nylund Grandview, MO 10/29/2010
Michael Dontas Lancaster, PA 10/29/2010
yael kv Nijmegen, Netherlands 10/29/2010
Judy Penna Holiday, FL 10/29/2010
Marco Zunico monteforte, Italy 10/29/2010
Chris >^..^< Jersey City, NJ 10/29/2010
ines vasquez caracas, Venezuela 10/29/2010
Lyn Gatin Kelowna, Canada 10/29/2010
Ileana Carmen Carare Tromso, OR 10/29/2010
Valerie Hildebrand Winnipeg, MB., Canada 10/29/2010
Terry Towers Rindge, NH 10/29/2010
darius dirzinskas london, United Kingdom 10/29/2010
john649 lopez reno, NV 10/29/2010
enrico miolli settimo torinese, Italy 10/29/2010
KAMİL DEMİR istanbul, TX 10/29/2010
victoria dallo rio cuarto, Argentina 10/29/2010
Elisabeth Bechmann St. Pölten, Austria 10/29/2010
Christy Hill Oshawa, Canada 10/29/2010
karen ericson bothell, WA 10/29/2010
Elizabeth Porter Barboursville, VA 10/29/2010
Paulina Hoppel Poznan, Poland 10/29/2010
Monika Holikova Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic 10/29/2010
M.A. Gansevoort-Buijs De Weere, Netherlands 10/29/2010
Graciela Patrón Mederos León, Spain 10/29/2010
Amanda Jones Apex, NC 10/29/2010
patricia myers ancramdale, NY 10/29/2010
Judith Abel Basel, Switzerland 10/29/2010
Walt Vasco Portland, OR 10/29/2010
Ricardo Delgado Rodríguez Benalmádena, Spain 10/29/2010
lisa salazar Foster City, CA 10/29/2010
Susan Esposito Staten Island, NY 10/29/2010
Anita Clemmer Jessup, MD 10/29/2010
Laurie McDougall Bentleyville, OH 10/29/2010
Kay HelpSaveAnimals Sax., Germany 10/29/2010
Timmi Sommer Dana Point, CA 10/29/2010
Pam Johnson Lake Village, IN 10/29/2010
Bob Ramczyk Brown Deer, WI 10/29/2010
jeremy henry portland, OR 10/29/2010
Filomena Viana melksham, NY 10/29/2010
Bau Kenmie kajang, MS 10/29/2010
Markus Reppermund Dinslaken, AR 10/29/2010
Daniela Holmes Dinslaken, AR 10/29/2010
Ann Rigby Totnes, United Kingdom 10/29/2010
Charlotte Sahnow Eugene, OR 10/29/2010
Barbara McNamara Joppa, MD 10/29/2010
Drahomíra Rudolská Nejdek, Czech Republic 10/29/2010
Heidi Charnquist Papillion, NE 10/29/2010
Rhonda Maness Horton, AL 10/29/2010
Anne Kirkwood Bradenton, FL 10/29/2010
Cynthia Henley Houston, TX 10/29/2010
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green leaf dhaka, AZ 10/29/2010
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sophie painvin samoussy, France 10/29/2010
Jessica Hoover Catonsville, MD 10/29/2010
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Lisa Zarafonetis Dallas, TX 10/29/2010
Nicole Weber Pasadena, MD 10/29/2010
Deb Brown Raleigh, NC 10/29/2010
alicia vázquez Madrid/Spain, AL 10/29/2010
Marta Barahona Madrid, CA 10/29/2010
Juliana Flint Bay Shore, NY 10/29/2010
Patrizia Scally Houston, TX 10/29/2010
AnnMarie Glaviano Naperville, IL 10/29/2010
Peggy Singh Oxnard, CA 10/29/2010
Jodie St Jean Legal, Canada 10/29/2010
Olivia Schlosser Mansfield Center, CT 10/29/2010
Pamlynn Montgomery/Tillett norcross, GA 10/29/2010
lars pardo seattle, WA 10/29/2010
brandy walker port jefferson station, NY 10/29/2010
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Vanditta Diwakar Suva, HI 10/30/2010
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Sukanya Kadyan Delhi, India 10/31/2010
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Mackenna Carr Fayetteville, NC 11/02/2010
Lupita Bland Pomona, CA 11/02/2010
eileen gergely chester heights, PA 11/02/2010
Hanna Erkel Szentendre, Hungary 11/02/2010
Sami Signorino Kokomo, IN 11/02/2010
Ana Morris LV, NV 11/02/2010
Natasha Leite de Moura Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 11/02/2010
Edward Laurson Denver, CO 11/02/2010
Andrea Da Costa Melbourne, Australia 11/02/2010
Naresh Kadyan Secretary General Delhi, IN 11/02/2010
Jackie Tryggeseth Sauk City, WI 11/02/2010
Lorri Makela Angel Fire, NM 11/02/2010
Ron Avila San Francisco, CA 11/02/2010
Lynn Porter Phoenix, AZ 11/02/2010
laurie sudol clarkdale, AZ 11/02/2010
Jody Sidote Glen Gardner, NJ 11/02/2010
Theresa Scheuerman Calgary, AL 11/02/2010
Cherida Hivale New Delhi, India 11/03/2010
Isobella Merritts Nashville, TN 11/03/2010
Catherine Margariti Athens, Greece 11/03/2010
Denise Plant Johannesburg, South Africa 11/03/2010
Anneke Hut Amersfoort, Netherlands 11/03/2010
Laura Broenink Wageningen, Netherlands 11/03/2010
Mike Schena parkcity, IL 11/03/2010
Eva Zaharieva Sofia, Bulgaria 11/03/2010
Tracey Horne palmerston north, New Zealand 11/03/2010
Cherry Marrone Medford, OR 11/03/2010
John Olexa LaPlata, MD 11/03/2010
Yannis Karaouzas Athens, Greece 11/03/2010
Alexandra Schmutz Bern, Switzerland 11/03/2010
Tina Nostadt Frankfurt, DE 11/03/2010
Martin Labz Wolfenbüttel, Germany 11/03/2010
pichonneau pascale marseille, France 11/03/2010
sue Schümmer Ulm, DE 11/03/2010
CINDY COLLIER WAKEFIELD, United Kingdom 11/03/2010
Jessica Vasquez Weslaco, TX 11/03/2010
Denise L. Fords, NJ 11/03/2010
Sonja Rowland Wiesbaden, AL 11/03/2010
Denise Bell Moreton, AL 11/03/2010
irena kleiner SCHWEIZ, SC 11/03/2010
Victoria Thomas Birningham, United Kingdom 11/03/2010
Kathleen Moodie Lancs, United Kingdom 11/03/2010
Charlene McCann Elmira, NY 11/03/2010
cindy fry Perry, MO 11/03/2010
Rhonda Floyd Anson, TX 11/03/2010
Deni Hall Flora, IN 11/04/2010
Stephanie Schützinger Hamburg, Germany 11/04/2010
Camelia Rizolu DC, WA 11/04/2010
Caroline Williams Adelaide, Australia 11/04/2010
Andrea Dorazio ashburnham, MA 11/04/2010
Theodore Spachidakis piraeus, Greece 11/04/2010
Jamie Baughman Tigard, OR 11/04/2010
marie-christine maroni marseille, France 11/04/2010
Jens U. Loehner Hof, Germany 11/04/2010
Kurt Frees Cincinnati, OH 11/04/2010
Dawn Mason Pottsville, PA 11/04/2010
Deana Gould Bridgeport, OH 11/04/2010
elisabetta rossi savona, Italy 11/05/2010
Sanja Lalić Valečić Zagreb, LA 11/05/2010
Jean Greene Ellerbe, NC 11/05/2010
Tanwi Sandelwood Onbekend, NE 11/05/2010
Maria Gaasbeek Nieuwegein, Netherlands 11/05/2010
Darren Mitton Decatur, GA 11/05/2010
Elodie Messi marseille, NY 11/05/2010
Ellaine Lurie-Janicki West Haven, CT 11/05/2010
Bobbie Murray Raleigh, NC 11/05/2010
ryan mckenzie apple valley, CA 11/05/2010
Jeanette Loos Stenloese, Denmark 11/06/2010
Connie Vavosa Westminster, MD 11/06/2010
Anthony Ehredt Chicago, IL 11/06/2010
Savina Veselinova Sofia, Bulgaria 11/06/2010
elizabeth pickard chicopee, MA 11/06/2010
Sarah Oswald Melbourne, FL 11/06/2010
michele becker saint pee sur nivelle, France 11/07/2010
charles mclachlan none, United Kingdom 11/07/2010
Gilbert Zaragoza Los Angeles, CA 11/07/2010
Kelly Cleveland Denver, CO 11/07/2010
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, IN 11/07/2010
Diana Arikane cork, Ireland 11/08/2010
Natasa Delic Belgrade, Serbia 11/09/2010
Julie Goldman Chesterfield, MO 11/09/2010
Angelika Stratiichuk Ourem, Portugal 11/09/2010
Henriette Matthijssen Boyle, Alberta,, Canada 11/09/2010
Renee Evans Sandy, UT 11/10/2010
Sofia Goncalves Cascais, Portugal 11/10/2010
Horacio Liedo Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico 11/11/2010
Eileen Hennessy Melrose, MA 11/12/2010
Sudershan Dhandharia Kolkatta, India 11/13/2010
Jennifer Bates Chevy Chase, MD 11/13/2010
Bina Israni South San Francisco, CA 11/13/2010
Satvir S Chaudhry Panchkula, India 11/14/2010
Pia Mustonen Tampere, Finland 11/14/2010
ilse diels mol, Belgium 11/14/2010
Steven I Jensen Beach, FL 11/15/2010
Anjali Sharma Noida, IN 11/16/2010
Bernard jean luc gennevilliers, France 11/16/2010
Pauline Cousins chepstow gwent, United Kingdom 11/16/2010
fabienne roudaire lyon, VI 11/17/2010
Brigitte Zlomek Vienna, CA 11/17/2010
Sheila Jeitler Traisckirchen, Austria 11/17/2010
Isabelle Cherfa Kuentz Nice, France 11/17/2010
LoVegan Ⓥ Loredana Versaci Torino, Italy 11/17/2010
Betty Jean Herner Strongsville, OH 11/17/2010
franzoi elisa cossato, Italy 11/17/2010
France Dombrowski Quebec City, Canada 11/17/2010
joelle coudriou paris, France 11/17/2010
Sara Gonçalves Lisbon, PW 11/17/2010
Mary Truelove Martinsville, IN 11/17/2010
Sonia Trimboli Catania, Italy 11/17/2010
clare howell salisbury, United Kingdom 11/17/2010
Ginger Slayton Vincennes, IN 11/17/2010
Glaucia Lolli Northford, CT 11/17/2010
susann landes berger dachau, Germany 11/17/2010
luoni maura casalzuigno, Italy 11/17/2010
Sydney Colvin Austin, TX 11/17/2010
Marco Gazzola New York City, NY 11/18/2010
tina mann sutton in ashfield, AL 11/18/2010
sanja cvijanovic rijeka, Croatia 11/18/2010
Petra Wagner Wals, DE 11/18/2010
Lesley Dove London, UK, NY 11/18/2010
Lucy Bradford Stroud, IN 11/18/2010
Michelle Bajema Martin, Slovakia 11/18/2010
Dr. Kerstin Huf Ingelheim, Germany 11/18/2010
lory tinker bologna, AS 11/18/2010
Delia Sch. Hamburg, Germany 11/18/2010
Isabella Duffy Zernien, Germany 11/18/2010
Caroline Xavier Mtlr, France 11/18/2010
Zuzana Kajanova Surany, Slovakia 11/18/2010
Carla Vieira Somerville, MA 11/18/2010
jodi ang Laguna, Philippines 11/18/2010
suzanne unthank manchester, MA 11/18/2010
Simona Lalic Maribor, RI 11/18/2010
Anna-Bella Iordanescu Bucharest, Romania 11/18/2010
kimberly woodruff canton, NY 11/18/2010
Sonia Fey Deroche, BC, 11/18/2010
Paula Forssén Bromma, IN 11/18/2010
Peter LunaVegan Wuerzburg, CA 11/18/2010
Robin vigfusson Nutley, NJ 11/18/2010
caroline raward georges hall, MN 11/18/2010
Geoff Knight Truro, United Kingdom 11/18/2010
Anne Holmberg Glumso, Denmark 11/18/2010
Jan Thompson Chorley, United Kingdom 11/18/2010
Angela Kimbro Vancouver, WA 11/18/2010
Cheryl Janiszewski Rosedale, MD 11/18/2010
Corina Khan Timisoara, Romania 11/18/2010
Natalia Esposito London, United Kingdom 11/18/2010
Lucy Bradford Stroud, IL 11/18/2010
tracey marie brussel, Belgium 11/18/2010
debi kaufmann denver, CO 11/18/2010
Kelli Polsinelli oshawa, AL 11/18/2010
Vladimir Tarlo Toronto, Canada 11/18/2010
grosjean audrey wolfisheim, FL 11/19/2010
Bonnie Snider Atlantic Beach, FL 11/19/2010
gisèle lefort montmirail, France 11/19/2010
patricia noon exeter, United Kingdom 11/19/2010
Milla Öst Eskilstuna, AL 11/19/2010
Jasen Anderson Brisbane, Australia 11/19/2010
Doniscia VEYSSIERE Labourse, France 11/19/2010
sussie sims santa monica, CA 11/19/2010
Cordelia Stollberg Port Elizabeth, South Africa 11/19/2010
Sharon Fischer Granville, NY 11/19/2010
Inge von Jaduczynski Unterschleissheim, Germany 11/19/2010
Daniela Baer Freiburg, Germany 11/19/2010
Klaus Ruppert Freiburg, AL 11/19/2010
Marely Rios Spring, TX 11/19/2010
issenlor melinda lautenbach zell, FL 11/19/2010
Vivienne Ben-Shir London, United Kingdom 11/19/2010
Sandra Martinho Chaves, Portugal 11/19/2010
Chrissy VanderHeide-Stolarski Windsor, MI 11/19/2010
Violet Beasley Raytown, MO 11/19/2010
Robert Redmon Dayton, OH 11/19/2010
Mark Dinkel Salina, KS 11/19/2010
Christiane H Cuxhaven, Germany 11/19/2010
Kirsty Scott Queretaro, Mexico 11/19/2010
Megan Speight Kenora, AL 11/19/2010
Deborah Downs perth, WA 11/19/2010
Marco Glauser Wolfhalden, Switzerland 11/20/2010
Anouk Van Damme Heusden, 11/20/2010
Nadja Böthin Bäretswil, FM 11/20/2010
Pintu K Chennai, 11/20/2010
Karen Tucker Pensacola, FL 11/20/2010
isabelle leveillard los angeles, CA 11/20/2010
Raluca Keskin Bucharest, Romania 11/21/2010
marcela sabata buenos aires, AL 11/21/2010
andreas stein leipzig, DE 11/21/2010
karen lyons kalmenson allenwood, NY 11/21/2010
Kristin Marshall Fillmore, NY 11/21/2010
elena georgiadou thessaloniki, Greece 11/21/2010
jozon florence paris, OR 11/22/2010
Ivana Grmoja zagreb, FL 11/22/2010
NANCY PIERCE Denver, CO 11/22/2010
Fabienne Amnesty For Animals Limburg, Netherlands 11/22/2010
L. Jappert Zumikon, CT 11/22/2010
Rose Akin Izmir, Turkey 11/22/2010
John Kelly West Babylon, NY 11/22/2010
Kate kearney Werrington Downs, Australia 11/22/2010
Patty Fleener Stayton, OR 11/22/2010
Jerilyn Capaccione Aliquippa, PA 11/22/2010
Ron Clark Willits, CA 11/22/2010
Mary Devlin Los Gatos, CA 11/22/2010
Marissa Hall Greensburg, PA 11/23/2010
Ellen G Sussex, WI 11/23/2010
leveillard geraldine new york, NY 11/23/2010
Lisha Daigle Boca Raton, FL 11/23/2010
Renee Wright Beaverton, South Africa 11/24/2010
Chris Drumright Murfreesboro, TN 11/25/2010
Ashley Roberts Rome, GA 11/25/2010
Nancy Roussy Ste-Florence, Canada 11/25/2010
Mayra Lewis-Garcia Compton, CA 11/25/2010
Amish Mehta ........, IN 11/27/2010
Chelsea Madison Oakand, CA 11/27/2010
Denise LaChance Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2010
Iris Hochstätter Erlenbach ZH, Switzerland 11/28/2010
Anne Kopp Köln, DE 11/28/2010
Eliane Kopp Köln, DE 11/28/2010
Erika Muenster Koeln, DE 11/28/2010
Sophia Schenkel Koeln, DE 11/28/2010
Mark Liesendahl Berlin, Germany 11/28/2010
Evelyn Otten Frechen, DE 11/28/2010
Marion Nolte Frankfurt, DE 11/28/2010
Tom Maxwell Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2010
Nationalspca Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal 11/28/2010
Mahesh Aggarwal Agra, India 11/29/2010
Mats Alexander Larsen Oslo, Norway 11/29/2010
Wendy Benay Watson Sanford, FL 11/29/2010
Rohit Ossum Dahiya Delhi, India 11/29/2010
paula b johnstown, PA 11/29/2010
Christine Blake Yellville, AR 11/29/2010
Susan Holmes Wales, United Kingdom 11/30/2010
Kate Kenner Jamaica Plain, MA 11/30/2010
Annemieke van den Berg Renkum, the Netherlands, AL 12/01/2010
David Tsosie Phx, AZ 12/01/2010
Lori Kegler San Pedro, CA 12/04/2010
Susannah Kegler San Pedro, CA 12/04/2010
Jim Mock Medford, OR 12/04/2010
Eva Fidjeland Orrefors, Sweden 12/05/2010
Saakshi Tanwar Mumbai, India 12/06/2010
Vijay Somany Rewari, India 12/07/2010
Sajjan Singh Rajasthan, India 12/08/2010
Joanna Karatsaneva sofia, Bulgaria 12/08/2010
pamela stocklmeir auburn, CA 12/08/2010
Soledad Konowalskyj New York, NY 12/08/2010
Karen Burroughs Orlando, FL 12/08/2010
Michelle Province Oregon City, OR 12/09/2010
adriana bellè cori, Italy 12/09/2010
Carole Strasburg Stratford, NJ 12/09/2010
Patricia Ranstrom Vashon, WA 12/09/2010
Viaranna K Philadelphia, PA 12/09/2010
Carolyn Lever Christchurch, New Zealand 12/10/2010
luigi ceaglio genova, Italy 12/10/2010
Chase Gentry Old Hickory, TN 12/11/2010
Michal Kolman Kozojedy u Kralovic, Czech Republic 12/12/2010
kaine sauvagE aillon le jeune, WY 12/14/2010
Amanda Baldwin Mount Joy, PA 12/15/2010
Gabriele Martinec Dürnkrut, Austria 12/16/2010
Patty Antonucci tinton falls, NJ 12/16/2010
Madhu Goyal New Delhi, India 12/16/2010
Abhishek Kadyan Journalist Delhi, IN 12/17/2010
olivia dewitt taylorsville, KY 12/17/2010
Joanna Kara Sofia, Bulgaria 12/21/2010
Caleb Laieski Phoenix, AZ 12/23/2010
Kelly Morehead niles, OH 12/24/2010
Henri De Decker Tisselt, NE 12/24/2010
judith pittonet scarborough, CA 12/24/2010
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, India 12/26/2010
Amit Deol SIROHI,RAJASTHAN STATE, India 12/27/2010
grisard sophie menetou salon, FL 12/27/2010
Ricardo Moreira Porto, Portugal 12/28/2010
Karolina Lisewska New York, NY 12/28/2010
june bullied toronto, CA 12/29/2010
Jessica Nyquist Colton, OR 12/29/2010
Karen Sheaffer Vandergrift, PA 12/30/2010
Danuta Watola Kalety, Poland 12/31/2010
Sue Harrington st paul, MN 12/31/2010
Julie Biddulph Brisbane, Australia 01/02/2011
Caleb Laieski Phoenix, AZ 01/02/2011
Cyndi Mears Chicago, IL 01/04/2011
bhavani sundaram New Delhi, AS 01/10/2011
Larry D. Grazier Lexington, TX 01/10/2011
Bill Craig Kempten, Germany 01/10/2011
rittika banerjee raipur, LA 01/11/2011
Erica Melamed Coral Springs, FL 01/11/2011
Pamylle Greinke Peconic, NY 01/12/2011
Blake Bentley Pulaski, VA 01/12/2011
Cynthia Nielson East Brunswick, NC 01/14/2011
Blake Bentley Pulaski, VA 01/14/2011
Yrna Miryana jakarta, Indonesia 01/15/2011
Susan Sinotte Kelowna, BC, Canada 01/16/2011
Danielle Tran Calgary, CA 01/16/2011
Keth Luke New Port Richey, FL 01/16/2011
Andrew Fraser Cootehill, Ireland 01/17/2011
Klaudio Negric Rijeka, Croatia 01/18/2011
John Miller portland, OR 01/21/2011
Rachael Pahl Lake Villa, IL 01/21/2011
Patricia Austin-Puccio Rowayton, CT 01/21/2011
Elle Simpson Doylestown, PA 01/23/2011
Eileen McKay New York City, NY 01/23/2011
Blue Ape With A Drum Plymouth, United Kingdom 01/23/2011
Reynaldo Alcantara Orange Park, FL 01/24/2011
Heidi Bezera Aarau, 01/24/2011
Alicia Ogburn Philadelphia, PA 01/24/2011
Cynthia Torrey Bethel, ME 01/25/2011
LENE HANSEN 2400, DE 01/26/2011
Kristina Golemanova Gabrovo, Bulgaria 01/26/2011
Andreia Capelo Funchal, Portugal 01/26/2011
Holly Crawford Perry Hall, MD 01/26/2011
Olga D fremont, CA 01/26/2011
Nirupama M S arlington, TX 01/26/2011
Penelope Ryan Tucson, AZ 01/27/2011
GINA PARISI Staten Island, NY 01/27/2011
Carol Appel los Angeles, CA 01/28/2011
Ella Reeves Vancouver, CA 01/28/2011
Giulia Togliatto Adelaide, Australia 02/22/2011
Samantha Pulsford Boronia 3155, Australia 02/23/2011
KD Haferkamp Garland, TX 02/23/2011
vidal sandrine marseille, France 02/24/2011
elke mosch rees, DE 02/24/2011
ella glæsner-jørgensen næstved, Denmark 02/24/2011
Irena Gabut Krakow, Poland 02/24/2011
Neil Ryding Warrington, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
Ramona Schönhofer Spiegelau, Germany 02/24/2011
Patricia Neves Parede, Portugal 02/24/2011
Karine Michel Bruxelles, Belgium 02/24/2011
cintia helena avila São Paulo, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
natasha maylin Leeds, United Kingdom 02/24/2011
Leverett Spinac New York, NY 02/24/2011
Mary Zimmerman Capitola, CA 02/24/2011
Ioana Boca ALBA IULIA, Romania 02/25/2011
Ewa Lisewska New York, NY 02/27/2011
lori weber johnson city, TN 03/01/2011
Naresh Kadyan Delhi, India 03/07/2011
Jenny Dooley Sydney Au, Australia 03/16/2011
jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL 03/19/2011
Sara E. arlington, VA 03/22/2011
Janet Chase Bend, OR 03/29/2011
michele b burleigh, NJ 04/02/2011
James Sullivan Chicago, IL 04/04/2011
Dawn Edwards chicago, IL 04/06/2011
Ashley Hunsberger Philadelphia, PA 04/07/2011