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Legislation about performing animals in India


Cruel animal transportation is a crime against them......beware.


The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 needs amendments


Legislation for slaughter houses but who cares : Toothless rules with minor punishments, violation of these rules are non-cognizable offense in legal terms.


How to lodge an FIR about animal abuse?


On December 10, 2000 a cattle special train was carrying 40 boogies full of cows and 16 cows in each for slaughter, this train was going from Qila Raipur Punjab to West Bengal Howarrah. Naresh Kadyan along with his People for Animals (PFA) Haryana team members found this train was kept in Tuglakabad - Delhi after diverting from Gaziabad but Naresh Kadyan controlled this train and brought to Faridabad with out any scheduled. FIR was lodged with the GRP, Faridabad because Naresh Kadyan found Oxytocin injection in 5 boogies and these injections were misused on cows to let down their milk, during this course Naresh Kadyan got stay orders from the local court to download all 40 boogies cows for treatment, care and shelter....later after 5 days stay was vacated by the District Session Judge because Hindu Organizations failed to download all cows from the train. Party moved to the High Court at Chandigarh for damage and loss.
After 15 days on December 28, 2000 same owners of above said cows loaded another special cattle trains for same route but this train again was stopped at Gaziabad on the complaint lodged by Naresh Kadyan, which was converted into FIR after rescuing 40 boogies cows 16 in each, all cows were sent to the local / nearby Gaushala'a for treatment, care and shelter. Party again went to High Court at Allahabad but High Court uphold all objections raised by Naresh Kadyan...till today all cows are still with the shelter, where as all accused were convicted by the Faridabad court.....cheers!!!!!!!! as it was a National record in the Indian history of animal rights and their welfare created by Naresh Kadyan. PETA issued this certificate but Maneka Gandhi , then Union Minister in charge of concerned Department / AWBI failed to grant PRANI MITRA Award to Naresh Kadyan.


Oxytocin Injections are harmful for animals, our health as well, if misused on animals to let down milk, which is a cognizable offense in legal terms with sufficient punishment and animal shall be forfeited to the Govt.: People for Animals (PFA) Haryana founder chairman Naresh Kadyan, representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection - OIPA in India lodged FIR's against two cattle trains carrying cows for slaughter in the month of December, 2000.



How to move public interest litigation's?